This week was fun

This week has been fun so far. Hopefully weekend will also be cool. Met Dimitris Glezos ( transifix uber_cool_hacker ) yesterday with few friends. Had nice Kashmiri food (Roganzosh, Kabargah etc ) at Casinova/Shikara at Kalayani Nagar. There are some nice pics with Demitris and Ramky, will post them sometime later 🙂

This week along with updating bugzilla I pushed few updates to rawhide fedora for following packages up-imapproxy, lynis, unhide, zile, ginac, gflags, fuse-zip, enet, ctemplate, flickcurl, djvulibre, gedit-plugins, ortp etc. They are mostly new releases and some of them are bugfixes.

This also involves gedit bug fix push in new update release.


working on inetutils

I have been working on inetutils for some time. Recently added BSD options –timeout (equivalent to -w) and about to write down –timeout-response (equivalent to -W) to ping/ping6. Now is time to remove all redundant calls to sys/socket api and integrate both commands as much as possible.

I will be picking next tasks from TODO. 1.6 release needs lot of work.

Thanks Alfred for all review work 🙂

Emacs users out there?

If you are using fedora+emacs and constantly use jabber for chatting .. you will love emacs jabber. As posted last time, I am using it since then and it is wonderful. Now I have both erc for IRC and emacs-jabber for gmail on my programming editor. 😀 Last week I had posted a review at emacs jabber . In case you are using fedora 11 try out the rpm here.

I use gmail for chatting and my configuration options are:

(setq tls-program '("openssl s_client -connect %h:%p -no_ssl2 -no_ticket"))
(setq jabber-account-list
(:connection-type . ssl)
(:network-server . ""))))

You may like to check emacs-jabber/jabber-gmail.el for setting up email notifications also.


yum download order according to size

I used to like F10 for its ordered download in accordance with size. It used to suite me on my slower net connection at home and strong connection at work place.

Today I wrote a small plugin today called yum-download-order with ( an evil hack, for which I have reasons) because order by size has been removed for long. It downloads packages in accordance with size (smallest first) or largest first.

I have put in fedora review request at:

From README file:



File: /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/download-order.conf

Options: for downloadorder can be ‘default’, ‘smallestfirst’,
‘largestfirst’ and by default ‘smallestfirst’ is selected.


Options with yum command

Yum command options will override configure file options.

e.g yum –download-order=largestfirst install or
yum –download-order=smallestfirst install

I was planning to put in a download-by-deps ordering also, but first though about looking for use cases. So, in case you find it useful — i.e download by size or by deps .. please mention the use case here ?


My week

I started with a spade to make a house and found myself cleaning the cruft. And this has been since some time now. But place seems to be clean enough for me to start something which may seem apparent e.g you may soon be using -q to query both bin rpm files as well as queries. And there are more surprises in coming month.

It was not that easy as it may seem. And yes I am playing with DRAGONS. And I applaud for people who are controlling these dragons these days and the hard work they are putting into. No No I am not talking about dragons from myths, but our own centre of rpm universe rpm upstream.