bugzilla C/C++ library 0.6.0 release

I have been maintaining Bugzilla C/C++ library for a while. Project link for library is here. There hasn’t been much activity on it since 2 years, but recently I tested it against 4.X.X Bugzilla and everything seems to be working fine. Detailed release notes for 0.6.0 are here.

* Fix bugzc_bug.h header file and small correction in bugzc_list.h.
* Renamed __xmlrpc2bug to xmlrpc2bug and marked it as static. It is an
internal function and is not supposed to be used by DSO consumers.
* Changed rpc_* related internal function visibility as “hidden” so
that they are automatically marked as LOCAL in output DSO.
* Added code bits to disable ssl peer/host verification. These would
be useful for development till no_ssl_verifypeer/host are extended
to our library.
* Added curl parameter variable from xmlrpc-c client.h to initialize
function. It would be useful for extending no_ssl_verifypeer etc
options from xmlrpc library here. Increased response limit to
2*512k. Print fault string for all failures which happen when
example initialization fails. Useful for debugging.
* Remove unused description array from get_bugs.c (example).
* Chased and fixed a few memory leaks (mostly during bug information
* Added initial support for runtime server versioning support
(Identify and enable/disable methods available in newer versions of
Bugzilla or even disable deprecated ones based on server’s
installation versions.
* Implemented a method for retrieval of just one bug definition from
server (instead of multiple bug reports) on C and C++ libraries.
* Added one more example program for C++, it demonstrates how to query
information for just one bug.
* Added an opaque member to the bugzc_bug_s structure so we can
handle more bug fields added in the future.

In case people are interested in patches and collaborating drop a mail at rakesh AT fedoraproject DOT org. I have few plans regarding the library. Will update in couple of weeks.


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