Fedora session at NIT Hamirpur

NIT Hamirpur is located at Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh, India. Nearest airport is Gaggal airport (Dharamsala/Kangra) about 83 kms by road from institute. My event was scheduled for 30th and 31st July. I had sent and planned session proposal couple of months back for approval.

For more pictures please go  here.

For past few days flights to Gaggal airport were getting frequently cancelled. As a precautionary measure I booked train tickets. Fortunately, while going to Hamirpur my flight was allowed to land at Dharamsala. But while coming back I had to come via cab to Una and train to Delhi because flight got cancelled.

On 30th July Saturday my first session was “Fedora – Freedom, Friends, Features, First”. Initially I talked about Free and Open source software in general. After that I gave an introduction about copyright, license and trade secrets.

After that, session included discussion about how most of community projects work i.e development, communication etc. This was followed by discussion about linux distributions and their relationship with community projects.

Later I talked about Fedora project in detail, Fedora values and how institute folks can contribute to Fedora. Session also included few application and library demos. I plotted curves for Bessels functions using scipy module and showed folks how different virtualization modules can be applied to a heart CT scan report via Mayavi. Demo also included recent virtualization support on Fedora. This was followed by bits about different spins provided by SIGs in Fedora community.

Then a discussion about how open source software in general and Fedora in particular can help build collaborative environment in institute. I did used certain videos at appropriate time in session. Most of them are available here.

I also talked in length about different tools and upstream projects being developed in open source community.

Next day on 31st morning I conducted a python session for students and faculty interested in new high level language with large community. This session included introducing few important python constructs and data structures. Every discussion was followed by a live demo of how particular construct or data structure is useful.

Both sessions were attended by large number of folks. At end of session there was a nice discussion about doubts, few issues and topics.

Thanks to Dr. Kamlesh Dutta for helping organise and conduct these sessions. Thanks to Dr. Anoop Kumar for coordinating at different times to make this event possible.

Fedora session presentation pdf is here. Thanks to Dr. Kamlesh Dutta for assembling pictures and passing to me. I had forgotten my camera at Delhi 😦


2 thoughts on “Fedora session at NIT Hamirpur

  1. sir iam a great fan of Fedora, i would like a workshop in my college.
    i got ur blog from the fedora website:)
    please reply email would be best way

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