Trip to SMVDU – Fedora Fedora!

Day before yesterday I got an opportunity to visit smvdu institute and speak about Fedora Project and Community in general. It was a nice experience.

Institute is located near Katra town and surrounded by mountains. It is located at a distance of 50 kms from Jammu. Traveling to institute takes more then 2 hours via local bus service. Slots I got for speaking were from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm on 15th Nov and 16th Nov. Because no bus service was available after 8.00 pm I had to stay in campus for a day.

For me main aim/target for this trip was to introduce Fedora Project community and distribution to institute students. Other target was to introduce open source model and how things work using this model. Also, how can they contribute towards Fedora Project.

First day I spoke about community projects and how contributors coordinate around them. This was followed by a discussion about licensing and its importance. Slowly took folks towards Fedora Project in particular and distributed Live Fedora media. This included occasional questions/answers as well.

Second day, I gave a live demonstration of how community communicates & collaborates taking Fedora Project as an example, Fedora Project values, basics about how applications work on operating system etc. This was followed by a long Q/A session.

Thanks to Mr Hari V Narayanan (smvdu faculty) for arranging this event. Thanks to Saurab (smvdu student), Anoop Sharma (smvdu faculty) and Ashwani (smvdu faculty) for helping several times in last 2 days.

Few picture are uploaded here.


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