Emacs users out there?

If you are using fedora+emacs and constantly use jabber for chatting .. you will love emacs jabber. As posted last time, I am using it since then and it is wonderful. Now I have both erc for IRC and emacs-jabber for gmail on my programming editor. 😀 Last week I had posted a review at emacs jabber . In case you are using fedora 11 try out the rpm here.

I use gmail for chatting and my configuration options are:

(setq tls-program '("openssl s_client -connect %h:%p -no_ssl2 -no_ticket"))
(setq jabber-account-list
(:connection-type . ssl)
(:network-server . "talk.google.com"))))

You may like to check emacs-jabber/jabber-gmail.el for setting up email notifications also.



One thought on “Emacs users out there?

  1. I had tried jabber.el last month or so.. before i was using bitlbee-otr (with erc) and emacs-jabber try was a travel in search of some poshness(like support for image icon, and some little roughness(?) bitlbee have).. but as i tried it, it was a bit less emacsish and bit too much flashy to use inside emacs and continued with bitlbee-otr(i.e erc->bitlbee->IM).. first difference being jabber raising up too much of buffers with wierd names while if its erc->bitlbee-otr->IM, just two buffers and that too the same time as your other irc buffers.. may be its just personal..

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