2009 Event Report

This was my first time at and it was amazing experience. Morning started with Dr Lynn talking about how universities are collaborating and using free/open source software to build applications for Drug Discovery. The effort called Open Source Drug Discovery.

It was followed by talk by Goldwyn Rodrigues talk which was about how to get internet access via open but paid wifi networks. It ended in a discussion over “DNS server/firewall bypass”. It was followed by number of interesting talks.

The highlight for me was 200 Fedora DVD vanished like cakes and fedora stickers becoming very famous. I saw volunteers and few folks having them on their sleeves. I would suggest next time we may look for some hand bands also as part of swag!

My Gach presentation was on first day evening. By then auditorium crowd was already feeling sleepy!

Gach is a Fedora infrastructure project and was started as idea by few folks in Fedora India community at the time of Nov 08 starting. It is a Fedora specific application who’s real development started few months back with Debarshi Ray and me doing most of contributions. The design foundation was laid down in last year 2008 Workout. It is very much a tools which is in middle of development. It was rejected as Fedora 11 feature but FESCO was in support for its completion and did +1 for effort. The presentation went smooth with few questions following it. Rahul Sundaram followed with presentation about “Community metrics – Measuring free software activity”. It was full with graphs and demo. 🙂

Next day talks also went smooth and few of them were very interesting. Next day Ramkrishna Reddy lead a BoF. He talked about importance of learning via code and contributions for students. He also talked about importance of getting familiar with open source tools e.g ide’s and scms.

All in all it was a fun and a place to meet few new and very active community people. This report has come late as I was out on holidays home.


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