Heya! I am back — after long time.

There has been lots of stuff to share:

1. Few days back came from GNUnify09. Sankarshan has written a nice report.
2. Started Fedora Kashmiri Localisation effort. Hopefully will start submitting some contribution from March. Though it is very difficult to do that with so much interesting already in plate.
3. Started working on Openoffice.org again and even fixed one small Bug. But another lag seems to be round the corner – With be going home and Freed.in 2009.
4. Was other day looking, I am now maintaining 50+ packages. Will need to badly fix all long pending bugs against few of important packages. There are many priority TODOs (NOarch and new gcc fixes)
5. Very excited and happy to go back home after a gap of 1 YEAR. 😀


One thought on “Heya! I am back — after long time.

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