Workouts progress ROM (review-o-matic), Ind – MT and OOo

Yesterday, I lead Indlinux workout, where we accomplished few tasks:

* /me – working on entrans (Indlinux – machine translation workout):
o Finished automated translation part of plugin
o Started investigating and playing with transliteration part.

* Gora: Worked on adding Google translate support to Pootle
o Use jquery autocomplete plugin for textboxes to add auto-completion to the text-area where the translation is added. After the user has typed a word, i.e., when a non-word character is typed, the plugin loads an AJAX URL which fetches Google Translate suggestions for the text entered so far.
o The AJAX URL uses Python’s urllib to fetch JSON data from Google. An internal URL has to be used as Jquery stops cross-site scripting as a security measure.
o Everything is working now, except figuring out how to add the internal AJAX URL to the site configuration for the server usd by Pootle. Pootle uses jToolkit for the server, which is poorly documented, but this is a small part that remains to be figured out.

* Karunakar – Testing entrans plugin
o Discussed about the design with /me
o Did most of testing for entrans plugin

Regarding day before yesterday’s Review-o-matic workout:

* /me – Trying to interface with rpm wrappers for python to check how spec files can be parsed. Writing a Spec class to parse all portions of a standard spec file. All are still incomplete, will take coming weekend to complete. Other then this tested Oget’s patch and cross-checked his list against already existing check implementation in rpmlint.

* Debarshi Ray – Designing Srpm class (patch), SrpmCheck class (patch)

* Pradeep – Working on Check for Pkg Naming Guideline

Openoffice Workout:
Other then my previous blog, not much progress, but Ragesh Sola seems to have done some nice job. Was not able to attend due to Indlinux – MT workout. 😦


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