review-0-matic : update

Our aim is to get as much as guidelines possible into rpmlint and get as much as remaining guideline which can be automated into reviewspec ( which is part of review-o-matic).

The initial framework is ready. I have somewhat cloned rpmlint structure i.e for each guideline we can separately inherit from a single class and BOOOOO!

For making the guideline default we need to add it to list DEFAULT_GUIDELINE.

next target:
1) is read what rpmlint does already – source code 😉
2) start taking guidelines one by one and corresponding discussion where it is supposed to go.

Project page:
Very basic initial snapshort:: <<– this is in review with other peer developers right now.

If you are familiar in any part of fedora guideline or know python and are willing to help catch me!! We don't have much infrastructure ready. As what is there is just a start.


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