Openoffice workout at – proposal submitted

Openoffice is very huge then what it may seem to some. So, a short and not too over ambitious workout proposal required to carefully investigate among the issues at hand. I have selected the following issues based on the ease of there nature and time frame we have.

a) Starmath Module

1. Missing symbols

Adding few missing mathematical symbols to starmath e.g |—>, or the angular sector ( rounded arc over the angle ABC)

2. Distortion of [] in matrix

When writing a large matrix enclosed between [] the horizontal part of the [ is vertically distorted. [1] Issue: [2]

b) Registration Screen for Educational users

Right now registration screen for OOo produces no useful information. Methods to disable screen such as -nofirststartwizard switch do not work well and adjusting configuration files manually is highly undesirable.

A method needs to implemented where a suitable qualified and authorized person can accept the terms and conditions for on behalf of the schools and students. This should be either on installation or on first run. This should work like running the openoffice with a switch like –institution. This will initiate a registration screen. OOo should never ask for registration again on that m/c and all machines cloned from that one. This will help not distract or dissuade educational users from using OOo. This details with mock up are available [3]

c) Spreedsheet

Mouse wheel scrolling jumps [4]

Right now scrollbar scrolling or even mouse wheel scrolling is one CELL as a unit i.e at one time. And in case of large height cells then page jumps more then half and it making accessing the top portion difficult. The jump is not smooth and very much not what user would like it to be. One example [5].

1. Compiled instance of source code ( DEV_300 and greater then milestone 31)
(It takes more then 10hrs to compile a freshly checked out code and good time to checkout some >2GB code base + other dependencies)


Rakesh Pandit
Education Project, Domain Developer


10 thoughts on “Openoffice workout at – proposal submitted

  1. Keep up the good work! We need OpenOffice 3 to be as solid as possible so we can lure people away from Office 2007 :-). Honestly, I think OOo3 will be a big reason people will want f10 right now, from a utilitarian perspective.

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